About Us

Illinois Advocates offers a full service legal practice in the heart of Chicago with a reach beyond Illinois. Our firm’s focus on strong advocacy ensures that you will be treated as a partner and not just another client. Regardless of your matter, Illinois Advocates can offer assistance through all steps of the legal process.

Illinois Advocates is a diversified practice for the modern age.  Our attorneys have experience in a wide variety of legal backgrounds.  With our diverse legal team we can represent you in almost any legal matter.  We have assisted thousands of clients in individual claims and disputes.  Illinois Advocates has represented businesses in litigation and day to day legal services.   We also represent unions and benefit funds in labor law and employee benefits law matters.  Our attorneys have years of experience and can help you with matters in the following areas:  

Our Principles

Committed Advocacy
It is no secret that, in the legal services industry, clients tend to “get what they pay for.” This principle, higher price for higher quality, is acceptable and perhaps even desirable in most industries. However, legal service is not most industries. In the context of legal counsel, “you get what you pay for” has resulted in systemic injustice.

At Illinois Advocates, our attorneys are deeply committed to doing what we can to correct this injustice. Our clients seek us out because they need access to our society’s system of justice. We could not take this responsibility more seriously. Illinois Advocates never cuts corners or treats clients differently based on their ability to pay.

Prudent Counsel
Competence is a standard that our attorneys aim to exceed, not merely to meet. Too many lawyers serving low- and medium- income clients try to be “jacks of all trades.” The thought process is that areas like real estate, foreclosure defense, and bankruptcy are “run-of-the-mill,” and do not require specific training or experience. We believe this does a disservice to clients. The law is growing ever more complex and specialized; consumer matters are no exception to this. Obtaining the best outcome possible requires inside, up-to-date knowledge that only comes with practicing that area of the law on a regular basis. In order to provide best-in-class advocacy, our attorneys develop areas of concentration and stick to them. We never accept a matter unless we are confident that we can assign an attorney who can provide best-in-class representation for the client.
Uncompromising Service
Illinois Advocates believes in empowering the client to make the right decision for them. Doing this requires two things:

First, as a matter of firm policy, all client communications are responded to within one business day. Failure to return calls is the number one reason clients complain about their attorney. Clients cannot make informed decisions unless they know what is happening with their case. From the beginning, we have built our firm on a culture of responsiveness to our clients. In most cases we get back to our clients within four business hours. In no case do we take more than 24 hours to get back to a client.

Second, empowering the client requires putting them in the driver’s seat. With low- and medium- income clients, it is all too easy for an attorney to make what is, in their judgment, the best strategic decision for the client. It is much harder to provide the client the tools to decide what is best for them. Nonetheless, we believe that is the only correct course. Thus, our clients are kept not only informed, but in charge.